Sam Smeaton

Founder/Director & Talent Acquisition Advisor

The high-level stuff

I started my career in recruitment in 2010 and have exclusively dedicated myself to helping companies hire the best Salesforce talent possible. I pride myself on having unique and career rewarding opportunities for my candidates.  

What do you do at nVision Talent? 

Everything from recruiting technical positions for my trusted clients to setting the strategic direction of the company to even doing mid-morning coffee runs for the team! (okay...sometimes) No two days are the same in recruitment and I am constantly kept on my toes. 

Why do you enjoy recruitment?

I love that recruitment is all about networking and helping businesses scale with the best talent available. Equally, I love helping candidates take that next big step in their career and watch them on their journeys. I am a problem solver at heart and recruitment seems to satisfy that urge for me. 

What is one thing that no one knows about you?

I was born with a hole in my heart (physically...not metaphorically) which thankfully closed over after some time.

What do you do outside of work?

I love the outdoors and especially going on nice hikes. I spend a lot of time with my dog Leo at one of the many amazing beaches here in Sydney. 

Favourite meal?

A burger. Any day of the week!


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