Rebecca Hoang

People & Operations Business Partner

The high-level stuff

Over 5 years ago, I started as a young and fresh HR graduate obsessed with learning everything possible about employment law to help employees and employers with their workplace rights. This obsession or rather “passion” grew into me wanting to know all the ins and outs of running a small business. My passion now in ensuring that the balance of running a small business is maintained.

What do you do at nVision Talent? 

Incorporating my HR and finance experience, I help to ensure that all aspects of the business are operating smoothly. 

Why do you enjoy recruitment?

I read my manager, Hani’s response and that pretty much sums up why I enjoy recruitment. Copied and pasted below for your convenience. 

“Recruitment is one of those industries that gives you the opportunity to specialise in various skills. From business development to career/life coaching, recruitment has it all and I love that anyone can find their niche in the industry. “

The only other thing that I will add about why I enjoy recruitment is that you will constantly be faced with many challenges which forces you to be resourceful, tenacious and be confident in your abilities. It builds a lot of character and skills that you will have forever.

What is one thing that no one knows about you?

In my early adolescence years, I grew up on a farm and had a cow with a typical name called “daisy”.

What do you do outside of work?

I like a lot of structure and the challenge of discipline mentally and physically so I enjoy a lot of hot pilates, Bikram yoga and really any exercise class at my local studio.

Favourite meal

Anything Vietnamese!



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