Work-life balance...what does it really mean?

Work-life balance...what does it really mean?


This isn't supposed to come off as a gloating "look how good we are" type of article, I am genuinely interested in what companies are doing well in terms of work-life balance. 

As an agency, I like to think we do most things quite well, we certainly aren’t perfect, but work-life balance and flexible working options have consistently been praised by current and former staff.

First off, what is work-life balance? according to Health Direct, the definition is the following:

“A good work-life balance means you have harmony between different aspects of your life, where benefits gained from each area can support and strengthen the others. Work-life integration is a new concept, where many people are learning to blend their work and personal lives successfully.”

Harmony, synergy, integration or whatever else you want to call it, the fact is that work life and home life need to integrate somewhat in order to increase efficiencies and reduce overall stress levels. Happy staff = happy work environment = more productivity.

Work is very important, and we all have our own, as well as shared goals we want to hit but that is unlikely to happen if the homefront and emotional wellbeing of your team aren’t on point. 

At the moment, companies are still in the early adoption phase of introducing flexible work arrangements, however over the next decade, it will be the new normal for the majority of companies that want to attract the best talent. 

I have been in Recruitment for almost 10 years and when I see job ads being listed, I notice most agencies have a tendency to list the following perks and benefits about why you should join them:


• Good commission structure

• Nice offices

• Monthly lunch club for high achievers 

• Annual trips for high achievers

• Free fruit, snacks and coffee


All of which I don’t mind, and some we implement ourselves, but personally for me looking to join an agency, flexible work arrangements and a company that actively promotes a healthy work-life balance would be towards the top of my list along with learning & development and career growth opportunities. 

What do we do at nVision that works for us? 


Hours of work

We don’t really have standardised office hours for one thing and we certainly don’t have “standardised” lunch breaks, though most of us are in between 8.30am - 9am and out the door by 5pm. In the Summer months, most of us like to start earlier and are often down the beach by 4.30pm - 5pm. 


WFH Wednesdays

Every Wednesday the entire company works from home. I personally use this day as a life admin day to do some errands that I didn’t get time to do on the weekend. Most of the time I’ll take my laptop and perch up at my favourite cafe in Potts Point for an hour or two, then I’ll go to the gym at lunch before I’m back home to work on whatever tasks I need to get done that day. 


Working from home in general

Being a fully cloud-based agency allows us to really work from anywhere with a good internet connection and a phone signal. This means that sometimes our staff might want to work from home for various reasons which is totally fine, we work off a trust-based system. 


I need to stress the above can ONLY work if your company is set up for remote working. This generally means your systems need to be cloud-based rather than on-premise, you’ll also need good collaboration software to check in with your colleagues and ensure you are hitting your goals. 

Above all else, we’re a small yet collaborative and supportive company. As cliché as it sounds, it really is a family environment and we have each other's backs. I’d love to hear what your company or team does well, we’re always looking for new ideas and things to try. Let me know! :)