It's time to talk about mental health at work!

It's time to talk about mental health at work!


If you have worked with me, you would know that I am my own worst critic; always harsh on myself, pushing myself to strive to constantly be better.


Don’t get me wrong, of course, you can and should strive to do the best and be the best that you can, but not at the expense of your mental health.


We all have our good days and bad days but unfortunately, for me last week, that inner critical voice was louder than usual. As a result, I pushed myself beyond my limits without even realising. 


The reason I am writing this is that mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be unpredictable and you can feel like it's out of your control. Through this piece, I wanted to highlight how important it is to not only have a strong support network at home, but also at work to get through this period of time.


Why? Because you spend most of your time there so you would want to know that if and when you are going through a tough time, your workplace will be there to support you. 


A workplace can do this in a variety of ways, such as:


  • Encourage everyone to openly speak about mental health in the workplace;

  • Provide information around mental health to foster a workplace culture that is open, supportive and accepting of mental health issues, thereby reducing stigma; and

  • Offer a range of support services such as access Employee Assistance Service or trained Wellbeing Officers/Champions.

These are just some suggestions, but I have found organisations such as BeyondBlue have an abundance of information and services for both employers and employees. 


I understand that every workplace is different whether it's in culture or budget restraints but everyone needs to do their part. Last week, I definitely felt the support from my company. I can confidently say that I am proud to work at nVision Talent where there is a culture of constant support and acceptance around mental health issues.


What does your workplace have in place to support positive mental health? 


Would love to hear your thoughts around this and what your workplace is doing in this area. 

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by Rebecca Hoang