Is working from home a "thing"?

Is working from home a "thing"?


A few months ago, our business implemented flexible working times where you had the option to choose what time you wanted to start work varying between 7.30 am to 9.30 am. This essentially meant that dependent on your start time you had control of what time you would finish work. This has been working great, as there is more accountability and trust in the team to do the right thing whilst maintaining a work life balance.


You may ask, hang on, wasn’t there a blog post that was written about flexi time and the benefits of flexi time a few months ago by the business? Yes, there was, however, what we have been transitioning to on top of flexi time is providing working from home options.


There are a lot of conversations and studies highlighting the benefits of working from home and there has been an increase in businesses moving to and promoting working from home. Conversely, there have also been studies showing the negative impacts of working from home such as increased stress due to blurred lines around work and home activities and time,  loneliness due to absence of interaction and feedback outcomes and decrease in productivity due to lack of collaboration.


So what does this mean? To work from home or not to work from home?


For our business, being a small business, there needs to be a balance. Working from home is accessible to all of our staff but not something everyone takes up constantly so there is a balance of working in the office and from home.


If working from home is going to be promoted in your workplace, some things to note:


-       Ensure working from home sites are compliant with OHS requirements

-       Your staff are able to access all required systems etc to perform the work at home

-       Clear KPI’s and work expectations whilst working from home


What are your thoughts on working from home? Is it something your business offers? Would love to hear your thoughts?

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by Rebecca Hoang