The surge of top talent in recent years has more companies fighting for qualified sales candidates than ever before. The upper hand has decisively shifted from hiring manager to candidate and it is no longer enough to offer your new hires “the basics”. Above average compensation and opportunities for in-house growth might have won over top talent a couple of years ago, but to access the best candidates in the current market, companies need to up the ante.

More than 85% of the candidates we see and represent claim that a prominent work-life balance ranks as a deciding factor during their job search.

So, what can your company do to win over top talent and increase work-life balance?

1) Emphasise modern recruitment techniques

Winning over the industries top performers all start with strong recruitment. Traditional methods of in-house hiring that include multiple interview rounds are lengthy and let’s face it, a little less than exciting. To stop top talent from marching straight out of the company door, recruiters have begun to utilise their current employees as a tool in sharing unique perspectives from the inside.

The benefits of using current employees throughout the hiring process are two-fold; your current talent feels recognised and appreciated while your potential hire receives an inside look at what it’s like to sell within the company.

2) Create a strong company culture

Today’s top sales candidates are interested in working for a company that is relatable and adds value to their life. An easy way to create a stronger organisation culture is by developing a clear brand voice: What do you stand for?

Me, I am a team player. For a business to succeed, I believe everyone needs to be part of that success. Culture was the deciding factor why I joined nVision Talent. The Directors here pride themselves in creating a collaborative working environment and I really see it. There are constant leads being passed around the different desks with no expectation of something in return.

Being upfront and proud of values has the potential to attract these top performers who share those same qualities, developing a synchronistic work-life balance. When your top performer feels in tune with the brand, their loyalty, performance, and happiness significantly increases.

3) Go beyond traditional benefits

Arguably the most important change to make and attract the market’s top performers is to offer benefits beyond the 4-week annual leave. Presenting your future talent with unique perks and out-of-ordinary working environments significantly increases your chances of hooking the salesperson you want. I’m not saying you need to outfit your office with theme parks and restaurants but offering simple perks can make a huge difference when top performers are deciding between multiple offers.

The company sways the candidate in the right direction by providing perks like free monthly fitness memberships, yearly company retreats, flexibility to work at home or even as simple as allowing holiday and sick leave to be carried over. All of these perks work directly to improve a positive work-life balance which impacts top performers decision making.

Now that I’ve given you enough ammunition to tip the scales in your direction, your company can sign the market’s best performers without significantly increasing your investment in recruitment.

What other strategies are you using to increase work-life balance in your company?

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