Are you a Challenger, Lone Wolf or somewhere in between?

Are you a Challenger, Lone Wolf or somewhere in between?


Whether you’ve been in sales for 10 days or 10 years, it’s a sure bet you’ve heard of The Challenger Sale. The book by Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon earned a devoted following by different salespersons and conglomerates alike by publishing one of the largest pools of statistical sales research to date. The 5 seller profiles described in The Challenger Sale are not all created equal nor are they mutually exclusive. Today, we will look at all 5 profiles and I’ll share what I think is an effective sales blend to build clients and conversions. The 5 seller profiles are:


1) The Relationship Builder

The type of salesperson the client will always remember. In last month’s blog, I talked about the importance of relationship selling in regards to B2B sales and in particular, recruitment sales. The relationship builder is an artist at building trust and reels in the sale after developing meaningful, professional relationships with the client. The 3 most prominent qualities are:

·       Generous with their time

·       Advocates for the client

·       Stops at nothing to satisfy


2) The Reactive Problem Solver

The type of salesperson that sticks around when the going gets tough. The Reactive Problem Solver always finds a solution and never passes the workload to another team member. In their eyes, it’s all about the follow-up. This profile relies heavily on post-sale support and communication with the client, however some say the time spent on previously acquired clients reduces the conversion of new sales. The 3 most prominent qualities are:

·       Focuses on support not sale

·       Attention to detail

·       Can do attitude


3) The Hard Worker

The type of salesperson that probably makes you look bad. The hard worker is no stranger to working overtime, in fact, they thrive on it. This profile is constantly striving for better and by doing so, they take criticism as a learning opportunity to improve their next pitch. Although an incredibly impressive quality to have, the hard worker may have trouble focusing on the details of a client’s business and their broad scope needs. The 3 most prominent qualities are:

·       Doesn’t lose steam

·       Appreciates and applies feedback

·       Driven and self-motivated


4) The Lone Wolf

The type who would flip the bird to the rules. The Lone Wolf is the most uncommon type of salesperson, yet, one of the most successful producers. Their self-confidence, natural talent, and smooth instincts are typically enough to land them any client of their choosing. As an employer, the Lone Wolf can be difficult to manage but in the end their conversions speak for themselves. The 3 most prominent qualities are:

·       Lofty self-assurance

·       Unconventional sales technique

·       High performer


5) The Challenger

The type of salesperson that is always the expert in the room. The Challenger uses a deep understanding of their client’s business to assert themselves as the leader in any conversation. The challenger couples prominent business knowledge with pitch-perfect sales techniques like pushing the client forward and offering new perspectives on complex situations. This profile was found to be the highest performing salesperson out of all 5 seller profiles. The 3 most prominent qualities are:

·       Takes conversational control

·       Offers unique perspectives

·       Experts in their client field


According to The Challenger Sale, 40% of sales studied were converted by a Challenger. My experience demonstrates the most successful sales technique is not limited to one, but the marriage of two selling styles. Combining the styles of The Relationship Builder and The Challenger in the field of recruitment is a leading combination to increase conversions and repeat clientele. Building trust with companies while offering unique perspectives as an industry expert is my recipe for a guaranteed close.

Which sales profiles would you combine to create conversions and long-standing clients?

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