Why Relationship Selling Wins Every Time

Why Relationship Selling Wins Every Time


Gone are the days that a copy and paste sales pitch can land you high commissions and repeat business. While more sales team are vying for the same circle of clients than ever before, cost is no longer the only deciding factor in sales. Buyers are constantly bombarded with “best prices” and “special deals”, but all of this undercutting has conditioned consumers to look for one: value. Amongst the many different types of sales, relationship selling is the most effective …well at least in my opinion; it provides the highest value by creating a trustworthy interaction between salesperson and buyer. Trained transactional sellers, think telemarketers, will argue that relationship selling takes too long, but any successful salesperson will tell you the art of the sale is not in the transaction itself, but in the process.

Relationship selling is a highly effective and genuine sales technique that is based on… you guessed it, relationships! IT sales teams use relationship selling particularly well while pitching large-scale software and services to companies amongst dozens of competitors. Selling alongside competing sales teams means putting price on the back burner and focusing on building personal connections with the prospect to add value to your client’s life.

When it comes to adding value to a sale, no salesperson does it better than a recruiter. According to The Department of Employment, recruitment in Australia is an $11.2 billion industry that places qualified candidates with employers, so it’s safe to say that competition is high. Too many recruiters approach their clients transactionally instead of focusing on building a trusted wealth of market knowledge. Successful recruiters use relationship selling to not only coordinate relevant and successful hiring decisions, but nurture company relationships that provide a reliable stream of incoming leads. The more consistently a recruiter can add value to a company by providing a well-tailored match, the more likely a loyal client is born.

How can you apply relationship selling to your sales techniques to obtain long-lasting, highly profitable clients?

There are 5 key points every relationship seller can’t miss:


Listening, a simple step that some skip. When engaging in a conversation with a new client, both parties are qualifying for potential opportunities.  It is imperative to listen to the prospect and identify the pain points, so you can tailor the message to help with their specific need.


Provide helpful and specific advice to suit your client’s exact needs. Consider ‘lending a hand’ by sharing resources and suggestions free of charge.


Convince your prospect the value you are providing is something they can’t get elsewhere. Remember, value often outweighs the cost.


Come clean if the sale requires a term you can’t meet. Instead, offer alternative solutions to make it easy for your prospect to stick with you regardless of your shortcoming. Your transparency will lead your prospect in trusting you, which is key if they are to buy from you.


Many sales professionals tend to promise more than they can provide just to make a sale. On time quality deliverables are the key to attracting repeat business and building trust as a relationship salesperson.

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