SurfForce 2018: We Can't Wait!

SurfForce 2018: We Can't Wait!


As summer fast approaches, we're excited to sponsor one of the most important events in the Salesforce community: SurfForce 2018.

In mid July, over 100 trailblazers will descend on Newquay (Cornwall, UK) for 2 days of catching waves (rad) and discussing all things Salesforce. Whilst there’ll be heaps of sessions on how to improve your Salesforce knowledge and get your CRM up to scratch, SurfForce is always keen to address wider issues in society. We'll be taking part in a beach clean and looking forward to contributing in discussions on how, as a community, can influence the amount of harmful waste entering our oceans. Please get your thinking cap on, all ideas are welcome!

Shaun Holmes (COO of Taskfeed) started SurfForce after 700 people lost their jobs in a Welsh town called Aberavon, where he surfs regularly. He knew that these people would be looking for new opportunities for work and that the Salesforce eco-system was desperate for people to work as administrators, coders, developers, architects and consultants and that, thanks to Trailhead, the barrier to entry to these roles is far lower than most people expect.

The event was a huge success and now runs every year. Since opening our London office last year, we’ve continued to give back to the community by sponsoring various meetups and are proud to be sponsoring SurfForce in 2018.

For more information and to sign up, visit:

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