What Makes A Salesforce Developer In Today's Market?

What Makes A Salesforce Developer In Today's Market?


The Salesforce market in Australia is constantly booming, we speak to candidates daily who say their next

role will be a more senior position, however, what is really considered a Senior candidate and what do

businesses mean by a Senior position? With the help of some well recommended Senior Salesforce

Developers in Australia, I asked, “What makes a Senior Salesforce Developer in today’s market?”.

Mubbashir Ali

I have over 12 years of experience in analysing, implementing and deploying solutions. My initial

experience mostly involved solutions for banking industry focusing on integration and product

development using .Net. I have been working on the Salesforce platform for the past 8 years. I have

worked as a senior developer on major Salesforce projects in Government, Manufacturing, Banking and

Insurance sectors.

Salesforce has evolved a lot over the years. Senior developers should be across all the features Salesforce


Mubbashir suggests experienced Developers should be able to:

  • Integrate Salesforce with other systems. These systems can be authentication providers, ESBs, payment systems etc. The integration mechanism may also vary depending on the requirements and functionality

  • Build Lightning Components and application

  • Design responsive application using Lightning or VisualForce

  • Write efficient code following best practices

  • Work with Salesforce1

  • Setup Community Portals

  • Deploy using different tools

  • Implement continuous integration

  • Migrate/Load large volumes of data

  • Differentiate between different Salesforce licenses and their limitations

I am currently on the path to the Salesforce Technical Architect certification. I hope this information helps

aspiring Salesforce Developers further their learning.

Lavanya Kavuri

I have 12 years of experience in CRM Development and 6 Years specifically with Salesforce Development.

I had an opportunity to work mostly as a Contractor in many reputable organisations and with

experienced Developers and Architects alongside me. This helped me to quickly learn the Salesforce

platform and provide good solutions to the projects that I have worked on so far.

Lavanya suggests experienced Developers should be able to:

  • Work independently and manage the project themselves

  • Able to provide guidance to the team and mentor them

  • Can handle the entire project cycle.

  • Know differences between synchronous and asynchronous programming

  • Can understand and explain system architecture

  • Can explain in depth about the solution or why they choose a particular approach

  • Know design patterns

  • Know about security implications of the solution design

  • Able to explain the Pros and Cons of a particular solution

  • Optimise the code structure and avoid extra lines of code

  • Reuse and utilise existing resources effectively and efficiently

I am actively learning and scheduled for the Salesforce TA Exams. Learning is totally based on Current

experience, Trailhead and Salesforce Learning Resources. I hope this sort of guidance will help manage the

expectations for Salesforce Developers to understand what extra training is regarded to step into a Senior


What is apparent from both Mubbashir and Lavanya is that it isn’t the number of years of experience that

considers you Senior, but the overall exposure to Salesforce through different projects. Salesforce prides

itself on innovation, so as the platform continues to develop, it's important that your skills do too!

I hope this article can also assist businesses when planning their next Salesforce hire. Retention of highly

skilled Salesforce Developers can be a huge problem when projects become outdated and mundane,

maybe for your next project, building a contract team would be better suited.

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