What Does 2017 Have In Store For The World Of Salesforce?

What Does 2017 Have In Store For The World Of Salesforce?


In this blog I’ll be reflecting on Salesforce in 2016, and what we could expect from 2017. Disclaimer: I’m not a fortune reader. Please don’t call me in December telling me I was wrong and I know nothing!

All shopped out?

It’s no secret that Salesforce went on a hell of a shopping spree in 2016. Benioff well and truly splashed the cash by spending over $5 billion on acquisitions, buying 10 companies in total. This was double the amount of companies they brought in 2015 and 9 more than they did in 2014!

It’s unlikely that Salesforce will go on another buying binge this year, but this doesn’t mean that its rivals won’t. With the big legacy vendors like Oracle and SAP looking to move into the cloud, the quickest and easiest way for them to make this transaction is to buy SaaS Cloud Companies. The question is, will Benioff be able to resist getting his wallet out again when he sees his rivals spending away…?

Rise of the Lightning Experience

2017 should see a significant increase in the adoption of Lightning. Salesforce have been ever-urging customers to become Lightning ready ever since the release... And to push this they have set a deadline for February 2017 for AppExchange Apps to make the transition over to Lightning. One would guess that by the end of 2017, more customers will be using Lightning over Classic.

Einstein time

Salesforce Einstein should take off this year as the AI market starts to take over the world. It’ll be interesting to see the feedback of Einstein as it gets further implanted into the platform.

Race to $10 billion

It was a very bold year for Benioff and Salesforce in 2016. His boldest prediction however, was that he expects Salesforce to reach over $10 billion in revenue by the end of their 2018 financial year. With Oracle breathing down their necks, the race is on for Salesforce to become the first cloud-computing company to ever reach $10 billion in revenue.  

As a Salesforce Recruitment Consultant, of course I am hoping for a successful 2017 for Salesforce… But I wouldn’t bet on finding many people who forecast otherwise!

From a careers & recruitment perspective, we have already had a busy start to the year and we expect the market to continue to excel as the year goes on.

As Salesforce roll out new releases like Lightning, the need for more niche experience is becoming more and more apparent - my advice would be to break into new releases as early as possible to be ahead of the game and to become more lucrative as a potential employee.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these topics, so feel free to drop me a message or call me directly.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a great year!

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by Sam Smeaton