Amazon Web Services Architect & Developer Series - Melbourne

Amazon Web Services Architect & Developer Series - Melbourne


nVision Talent have recently started moved into the AWS recruiting space and off the back of that, I recently went along to the AWS Architect & Developer Series, held at the Melbourne Park Function Centre in the City. The event was perfect for networking and learning more about what AWS has to offer. It’s a fantastic time to be involved in this area and the growth rate is still clearly on the up. It was encouraging to see so many partners and end users learning more about AWS and how to utilise it.

The day started with a bit of a party atmosphere, having ‘Party Rock’ by LMFAO blasted out at 8.30am was certainly a good substitute for coffee. The strobe lights made me feel like I was in a nightclub at the end of my day not at the start. This was however, a great platform to introduce Amazon’s CTO&VP Werner Vogels to the stage. Vogels gave an hour-long keynote speech on AWS and how it has grown into the powerhouse it now is. We were given figures on everything from growth rate to deployments and it was staggering and impressive to hear. 

After Werner’s keynote, there was a short break for coffee and breakfast before we headed off down our selected ‘track’. The track referred to whether you were interested in the Developer or the Architecture side of AWS. As I’m currently doing the prior learning for the AWS Solution Architect exam, it was a natural choice to head down the architecture track for the day. Talks for the day included: ‘Containers for Non-Developers’, ‘VPC Design for Enterprise Connectivity’, ‘Powering Remote Developers with Amazon Workspaces’ and ‘Managing Access to Resources on AWS'.  It was information overload, but a fantastic experience for someone like me to learn from.

The day ended with a Q&A with Werner and it was interesting to hear his perspective on AWS and how best to utilise it. Overall the day was really useful and extremely informative. It’s no wonder that AWS is the Cloud service of choice!

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