Top 5 Tips for Dreamforce 2016

Top 5 Tips for Dreamforce 2016


1) Understand where everything is

With over 2000 sessions throughout the 4 days, it can become pretty daunting when you’re rushing through the city, navigating your way around downtown San Francisco. Before you arrive, take some time to become familiar with the layout and where you'll need to be. Sessions are usually held in one of four buildings of the Moscone Centre as well as several big hotels. Most are within a 15 minute walk but it helps if you know where you are going before your sessions start.

2) It’s a marathon not a sprint

Between the sessions, networking events and after parties, it’s easy to peak after day 1 which makes for a really long week. Remember, Dreamforce is 4 days long with each morning starting around 8.30am and quite often leading into the early hours of the next morning. Pace yourself, don’t worry if you can’t go to every session you wanted to (chances are you won’t be able to anyway)

3) Be on social

Keep updated on social with all the latest news (especially twitter) by following the hashtag #DF16 - the official hashtag of Dreamforce 2016. Feel free to join the conversation and make sure you take a few snaps, there is plenty to see!

4) Wear comfortable clothes

You will find that most people are dressed pretty casual. You are going to be covering a lot of miles walking all over the city so make sure you have comfortable shoes on. You can always go back to your hotel to smarten up before the night's festivities begin.

5) Scope out some good restaurants and cafes

This is especially important the morning after one too many cocktails which, let's be honest, is bound to happen at some stage over the week. Having a couple of solid food options to fuel you for the day is important. A favourite of ours is Lori’s Diner in Union Square.

Above all else, just soak it up and enjoy the week. We look forward to seeing you there!