WiT - Marketing Automation fun

WiT - Marketing Automation fun


Marketing Automation is software that exists with the goal of automating marketing tasks. Companies now have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. Multi-channel ways to reach your customer. The technology of marketing automation makes this quicker and easier.

Heres what I talked about on Marketing Automation...

The role of the CMO has become increasingly important, as they are now up there with a direct line to the boardroom. This could be a challenge for the CMO to communicate the ROI and investment in marketing to C-level execs who are very bottom line focused.

Another challenge faced is the lack of skilled people in ANZ. It is a relatively new technology so there are fewer people who have implementations under their belt. Challenges are that it is a unique skill set - ideally someone with a marketing degree and strong understanding of marketing strategy, content marketing, analytics, ROI and also technical skills such as html, CSS. Since the growth of marketing automation, true marketers now have the tools to complete their tasks quicker and with more control over ROI.

Someone with a Marketing degree/background needs to demonstrate ability in technical skills. And someone from a technical background (web dev) needs to demonstrate the knowledge and thought process of marketing. 

Some of the opportunities out there in Marketing Automation include Marketing Cloud Solutions Consultant, Technical Architects, Developers. Marketing Automation consultants.

Overall it was a great night sharing experiences and discussing how Marketing Automation really helps drive campaigns and the change in the role of the Marketer.

Details of the next WiT event will be on our website, I look forward to seeing you there.